Love it before you buy it

A motorcycle seat provides an intimate interface between rider and machine. Dialing in the fit of a seat is essential for rider comfort and confidence. Attempting to do this sight unseen often discourages this important purchase. Saddlemen® now removes this apprehension with their NEW "Love it before you buy it" Seat Centers which provide a chance to see, feel, and evaluate the seats at a dealership close-by. This offers the opportunity to measure style, comfort and ergonomics prior to the purchase; put our seats to the test!

For more information or to purchase Saddlemen® Seats or other products, contact one of the dealers featured below. These are specialized Seat Center locations with Saddlemen® seats on display. Note that this opportunity is not available at all Saddlemen® dealer locations.

Alternatively, all Saddlemen® products can be ordered by any Drag Specialties or Parts Unlimited Dealer. You may search for a dealer near you by clicking on the buttons below.