Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact Saddlemen®?

What are your business hours?

How do I purchase Saddlemen® products?

How do I clean and take care of my Saddlemen® products?

How do I obtain warranty for my Saddlemen® product?

How do I resolve shipping damage?

Gel-Core Technology

Why does my motorcycle seat need Gel-Core Technology?

How does SaddleGel work?

How does gel compare to foam?

Do SaddleGel™ seats also use foam?

Custom Seats

Do I need a custom seat built from the ground up to my special needs or will an off the shelf Saddlemen® seat meet my needs?

I don’t see an “off the shelf” seat listed for my motorcycle; does Saddlemen® offer a seat option that will meet my needs?

My original seat is old and beat up; should I fix my old seat or is it time to step up and buy a new seat?

I like my stock seat, but it is not comfortable; will adding your SaddleGel make my riding more pleasurable?