Saddlemen® Gel-Core Technology


SaddleGel™ uses an exclusive formulation developed by Saddlemen® and has been developed over the years to provide superior support and to dampen road vibrations. SaddleGel™ is especially beneficial for thinner seats where foam alone is not sufficient to provide comfort. SaddleGel™ designs are firm – to maintain seat shape but at the same time are compliant (soft) enough to allow the seat to automatically adjust shape (conform) to equally support each individual’s unique body form.

SaddleGel isolates engine and road vibration, a common cause of rider fatigue. Saddlegel is a molded solid with fluid-like properties that will not slide to one side or move around in your seat like air or water in a plastic bag; instead the proprietary design eliminates pressure points at the hip bones and tail bone by evenly distributing your weight across the surface of the seat. Otherwise, pressure points or “hot spots” can hinder blood flow, causing pain and discomfort. Normal circulation is never lost on a seat with SaddleGel, and it keeps your rear end comfortable on a long ride, and ready to respond quickly as road conditions change. Read more...



Saddlemen® Gel-Core Technology


Progressive Density Foam
Years of study, combined with practical experience, has lead to the formulation of Saddlemen®’s Progressive Density Foam (Pd-F). The chemical make-up and raw material volume is carefully tuned to create a foam pour that is balanced between support and compliance. Varied cell sizes and types are encapsulated in the foam by an element-resistant skin that enhances the seat’s durability as well as comfort.

By combining the attributes of our proprietary SaddleGel with our advanced Progressive Density Foam (Pd-F) we are able to create exceptional foundations that provide superior comfort and vehicle control. The thickness, shape and location of the SaddleGel is adjusted and combined with the Pd-F producing a seat core best suited for each riding mission. Starting with our staff’s vast experience, then honed by testing and honest evaluation, each Saddlemen® seat has a specific Gel-Core combination that creates a superior seat perfectly suited for your ride. So when it comes to day long comfortable control, you simply cannot get a better fusion of technology, materials and design.



Saddlemen® Seats Cross-Section Exposing Gel-Core


Saddlemen® seats have long been noted for their comfort, style and quality. The innovators at Saddlemen® have been hard at work, designing new styles and adding new applications for the latest models. All new designs are a result of our Integrated Design Philosophy (IDP™), which takes styling cues from each motorcycle and incorporates them into the contours and patterns of each new seat. What you get is a seat that looks and fits perfectly on your bike - no generic, “one size fits all” styling.


IDP™ balances the combination of important features as the seat’s contoured design, Gel-Core Technology with it's integrated SaddleGel™, Progressive Density Foam, SaddleHyde™ and other compliant coverings address all seat comfort issues - optimal support, perennial relief, shock absorption and vibration isolation to provide a high level of comfort and freedom from anatomical issues while simultaneously providing our signature styling.


Always remember to review your Motorcycle Owner's Manual before you ride. Before each ride, take time to check all your equipment. Always wear an approved helmet, eye protection, long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, gloves and boots. Always be sure your bike is in first-class condition before riding. Keep it well-maintained and always outfitted in accordance with state and local laws. Every motorcycle rider should be aware of the limits of his or her skills, experience and abilities and in accordance with state and local laws. Beginners should be extremely cautious and allow extra time and distance for maneuvering and braking. Saddlemen® encourages you to ride safely and respect the environment.

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